So, you’d see my channel recently. Do you?

So, Who am I apparently? What I’ve been streaming or what I’ve been uploading some games and random stuff? What is my personality in real life and what are the future goals for my stream? So all of these questions are here in the about page and all of your frequently asked questions would rather be solved. :^)

Okay! Let’s get started.

About Me

Can I see your picture?

Yes! This is my face! OwO

This is me IRL 🙂

What is your name?

My full name is Florence Jay Munar. ☺

Waduhek?! Where’s LaroTayoGaming come from?

My handler came from my high school days. (I’m not joking.) When Lloyd Cafe Cadena, a YouTuber with now has 500k subs, started to emerge into the limelight of YouTube, and also GLOCO Gaming, after the Train To Busan parody emerge last year, so I want to make a gaming channel like pewds and jackscepticeye in Filipino language (cuz I succ in English before.) So I picked “Laro Tayo!”. But many YouTubers have the same name as me so I picked LaroTayoGaming. For originality. And that’s it. LaroTayoGaming has born on December 2, 2016. No origin of words. Just my creative mind.

Where do you live?

I lived in the Philippines. Bulacan in exact. I lived in a compound, so some noises are already created in my mic. And my house also has created between the road and the Barangay Hall.

What is your age?

I’m currently 18 years old. Yay! Legal shizz~

What is your current state in life?

My state in life is actually balanced. I have a simple and wonderful life with me and my family ☺

All about Content

What is your specific content of your YouTube videos?

My content is particularly random. Gaming, Parody Videos, Vlogs, Memes and etc.

What is your upload / streaming schedule?

My uploading and streaming schedule are pending at the moment, because my laptop fucked up and I don’t have a stable internet.

How long it is?

I don’t know, actually.

Personal Questions

Do you have a girlfriend?

Actually, I don’t want this kind of thinking right now. But it goes at the right time and a right place.

Do you have a crush in another streamer / YouTuber?

Yes. But, I’ll keep it secret for now.

Do you have a disorder, sickness, etc.?

Yes. I don’t know what is this calls, but I have a disorder in my brain that I cannot have emotions and understand more deeper things. I know much everything that my parent’s or relatives pisses me off. That’s why I am hyped in all such stuff.

What is your purpose of doing this career?

My purpose of doing this career of streaming and upload videos on YouTube, not because I have to make money out of this, but I want to entertain people and motivate him/her everyday and SPREAD THE GOOOOD VIBES not across the Philippines, but across the other countries.

Can I ask you a question?

Yes! You can ask me a question on my Ask.fm page, tweet me on Twitter or click the ask button. I am also a really busy person, but I want to answer your questions as much as possible. You can also message me on my Facebook page. 😄

Until then, Thank you for joining as a lurker, a viewer, a raider, a hoster and etc. I am really appreciated every single one of you. ☺

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